Yang Yoga 60 min. Roll&Flow
januari 30, 2020
Yang Yoga 60 min. Goed Humeur
maart 27, 2020
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Yang Yoga 60 min. Slow Flow (ENG)


Namasté beautiful soul,

How are you today? Thank you for joining in on the yoga-adventure with me, with this 60 min. Yang Yoga class with the theme: Slow Flow.

This is a very gentle, but dynamic class where we add a lot of self-love. Always listen to your body and what your body needs. You can always take a rest when you need to, or add some extra power by engaging your muscles, do more Sun Salutations or hold the poses a bit longer.

I would love to hear how you’ve experienced the class in the comment on YouTube. Thank you very much!

Enjoy the class and sending you all the love and light.

See you next time!

Big Hug,

Yoga Gwen

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