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Love your guts

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Love your guts


How to listen to your guts, or your intuition? To what your body is telling you? How to listen to the signs of the Universe? To go to the direction your path is leading you? It’s hard because we live in a world where we learn at a very young age that it’s better to use your left part of the brain, your common sense and to make decisions based on facts. Being sensitive, emotional and listening to your feelings is commonly considered as with being weak. But if we learn how to listen to ourselves and let go of this crazy idea, we can communicate with each other on a whole different level.

If I look back at my life and the decisions I made before, I have to say that I didn’t always listened to my guts. I made a lot of decisions based on my ego, based on what I think was the right thing for me to do instead of really believing it, feeling it from deep inside. I made decisions because I thought about making money or getting my ego stroked. I made decisions I thought that it would make other people like me, or look up at me. Still I don’t regret any decision I made in the past. They all brought me here where I am right now and made me who I am right now. I know better now what I don’t want and what is good for me. But a lesson I also got is how to listen to my guts.

“Your guts will always try to safe your life”

Do you know this feeling that you’re going to a place where you think you really want to go, but when you arrive you feel like you shouldn’t be there? Or maybe you don’t realise straight away that that is what’s going on, but you feel like your energy is melting away. That’s a sign. That’s an omen. You just need to learn how to listen to it and translate it in a decision what is good for you.


Myself I’m very sensitive and (now) I always trust my guts without any consideration. Sometimes I feel like Olaf, the snowman in the Disney movie ‘Frozen’. I think I really want to be somewhere, like Olaf wants to be in a warm place in the sun, but at soon as I arrive I get the signs that it’s not really good for me to be there. Olaf just melts and disappears, but for us humans it’s not that obvious because your body stil exist, but mine just stops functioning properly. Like I only get half of the oxygen in the body when I breathe and my body feels heavy like I’m wearing a harnas of steel. What we are taught to do is to look at physical symptoms and try to ‘cure’ them. If you’re tired, drink coffee, or worse a coke or an energy drink. You tell yourself, or you are told by others that you just have to get over it without thinking about what is really going on inside the body.

Your gut, or instinct is never lying. It is trying to tell you where you need to go, what you need to do and what is the right decision for you. Your gut can save your life and will always try to do this.There is not always a logical or physical reason straight away when you have a feeling like this so that makes it hard to listen to it. It makes it hard to explain it to someone else and that’s where we get confused.

“Listening to your gut is the opposite of being selfish”

Do you remember when you broke up with someone for the first time? Do you remember that you had this feeling for a while but you couldn’t really tell why? And as long as you couldn’t think of a good reason to end the relationship, you just kept on going, otherwise you think, or you think other people will think you are selfish? And then you hoped that your girlfriend, or boyfriend from my perspective would do something wrong so you have a good reason to break up. And you wish that he is actually a horrible person, an asshole, who tries to make your life miserable. You’re trying to find the things that he does wrong and make a list of these things, so you can justify to yourself that what you feel is right. You wish that you don’t have to hear how much he loves you and that he wants to grow old with you. You wish you don’t have to break his heart. 

And then there is your friend Ego. She is telling you that you shouldn’t break up, because he is so handsome and smart and he has a great job and earns a lot of money. You will have a bright future without having to worry about a thing and you will make pretty baby’s who you can give a comfortable life. But by the thought of this you choke. You stop breathing and crawl away underneath your blanket in your bed and decide you will never come out again. 

“With the practice of Yoga you reconnect to your soul”

Listening to your guts is the opposite of being selfish, it’s selfless, or egoless and eventually you will know why you made the decision based on what your gut is telling you. Like I said in the beginning, we are taught to shut off this part of our brain, that is connected to our emotions. It’s like a door that is closed and locked. Some people have a triple lock on this door with a chain and a security dog. Some people just have a friendly gate so you can see what is behind, and they just have to do a little bit of effort to reconnect to themselves.

But how? How to listen to your intuition? How to connect to yourself? It’s no rockets science and the answer is very simple. This may seems like I’m selling my services, but mainly I just really would like to help and inspire others. The answer is Yoga and Meditation. This doesn’t mean that you’re not connected to yourself if you cannot do a scorpion- or a peacock pose, but with the practice of yoga, which means union or connection you will get closer to yourself and you learn how to listen to your body and you will find this place deep inside where your guts are hidden.


Yoga practice is not just the practice of the postures, of the asanas, which a lot of people think these days unfortunately. The practice of yoga is a process of cleansing, caring, opening and strengthening our body and silencing the mind. With a strong and flexible body it’s easier for us to sit for a long time, so we can be still and meditate, focus on ourself, turn inside, without the distraction of a painful body.

So like I said, with the yoga- and meditation practice, we go inside, we communicate with ourselves and we connect to our soul. This is not all, because the yoga practice has a lot of benefits on itself. The asana’s and breathing exercises have a lot of health benefits for a long and healthy life, but in the same time it helps to open up energy blockages in the body, in the energy lines,  the nadi’s, the sen-lines, meridians, or whatever you want to call them. The cause of the blockages is often stress and a lot of emotions that are stuck.

Maybe you have no idea what I am talking about or you think it’s all a bit bla bla and this daydreaming mermaid is floating on her pink cloud between her unicorns again. Well, off course I am, but even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, if you don’t believe that everything happens for a reason and if you’re the person who wants a scientific prove before you change a habit, I know you recognise yourself in this article in a way. So I would like to challenge you by going to a yoga or mediation class, just to get the experience and feel the difference.

The result of being connected to ourselves is that we can communicate with emotions, with feelings, not only with words. We don’t need logical reasons or explanations, we will understand each other in a deeper level. Just by looking at someone, feel the energy and connection, you know what someones intention are and how someone truly feels.

Like the quote from the song ‘Wherever You are’ from Angus & Julia Stone:

“Don’t take my word for it, just look at me to know that I love you, look at me so you know that it’s true”

This is communicating with energy, with empathy, with emotions, with love.

My message today?

Look inside, listen to yourself, to your body, to your soul, to your guts and you will know where you need to go, what you need to do and what is the best decision for you.

With love and light,



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